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We Are
Friends of Kibera

Since 2019 we have already supported more than 400 children 

with education in Kibera, Kenya

Our vision and mission

The Friends of Kibera Foundation was established in 2019 after we heard about the existence of the Oloo Children Center through colleagues/family. Founder and director Judy Oloo started a school in her area as a teacher for children, of whom she knew that 'officially freely accessible education' was a bridge too far for them and their parents.


She started with a kindergarten group, now she has a full-fledged primary school. She has had many side jobs for a long time to generate extra money for the school. We want all her attention and effort to go to the school. The aim of the Foundation is therefore to support Oloo's Children Center in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya with money (a monthly amount) and where relevant with our knowledge, skills and contacts.


Lieke Aarninkhof – Chairman 
Gerda Geerdink – Secretary 
Peter Doting – Treasurer


and general board members:

William Bens

Chantal Kool

Noortje van der Meijden


  • Raising funds and donors

  • Structural support for the school

  • Provide additional support


  • The Foundation has an ANBI status and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number:


  • RSIN number:




  • Name in ANBI program tax authorities:


Friends of Kibera Foundation;

Location: Nijmegen

Annual Report

In order to be able to inform potential donors as best as possible about the school, we maintain contact with the Oloo Children Center in Kibera. This is done directly through online meetings with school staff and indirectly through (Dutch) family and colleagues working in Nairobi. At these meetings it is discussed how we can support the school as best as possible in the short and long term. Activities in the Netherlands mainly concern raising funds and donors.

Policy plans

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