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Judy Oloo, founder and director of the school, lives in Kibera, the (slum) district where the school is located. She saw many children in her area who do not go to school because there is no official government-funded education (public school) in Kibera. She started a school for children from her area where she knew that the parents could not afford the (travel) costs necessary to go to school. She wanted to help those children and 'let them learn'.  At the time, she was still teaching in another school.  Judy started with thirty toddlers in a small room she found nearby. The children were 3, 4 and 5 years old. Children grow up automatically and when she was given more space, these children could stay at school and the school actually grew by itself through word of mouth, brothers and sisters, et cetera. Spring 2021 there will be 372 children at school.

Student population January 2021 

Pre-school care: 36 children 
Pre-primary 1:34 kids 
Pre-primary 2: 38 kids 
Grade 1-36* 
Grade 2-34 
Grade 3-36 
Grade 4-36 
Grade 5-34 
Grade 6-31 
Grade 7-29 
Grade 8-28  

*Grade 1 is comparable to Dutch group 3 in primary education. Children in Kenya are in primary education until they are fourteen.

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