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Oloo Children Center is located in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi. The number of inhabitants of Kibera is difficult to state precisely, but two million are mentioned, including 500,000 children. The population density is high and relatively many orphaned children find their home there. 
The district has been around since the early twentieth century. Kenyan soldiers who returned from the First World War were rewarded by the British colonial regime with a house in this area and the settlement has grown enormously. When Kenya became independent in 1963, the government banned living in Kibera, but people have always continued to live there. Excessive rents for existing homes have led to the construction of many slums. Because it is not officially a residential area, no schools are built by the government and there is no road network, so many houses can only be reached on foot. 
These circumstances mean that many private schools for primary and secondary education have now been built and opened. Oloo Children Center is such a school in one of the districts of Kibera.

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